Return of the Jaded Performing @ ILL Behavior w/Renegade Masters


ILL Behavior w/ Return of the Jaded, Renegade Masters


Return Of The Jaded (Relief, Kittball)
Renegade Masters (Playa Vibes, SOUP NYC)
Lady Cherelle (SOUP NYC)

Monthly party series from Brooklyn's Renegade Masters 


Return of the Jaded (Relief, Kittball)

Renegade Masters (Playa Vibes, SOUP NYC)

Lady Cherelle (SOUP NYC)



🔥 Dress to Self-Express 🔥

FREE entry till 11, $15 after // 9pm-4am // 395 Wythe Ave.

Co-produced by Mariel, Kris, & The Jerks - *Celebrating Mariel’s Bday!*

All are welcome to get down with the Ill Behavior. Consent is mandatory. Anything other than "Hell Yes" means "No". Hugs, photos, high-fives, or more - if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, let us know.