Return of the Jaded's "DETOUR" Featured on Box of Cats


The numbers 808 get thrown around quite a lot. So much in fact that you will often hear pop records talking about them when they may not even be present. Who am I though to be sour about the celebration of the worlds best drum kit..

Yes I said DRUM KIT. Fight me.

Although these tracks don’t scream ‘808’, their release date 8/08 is something to remember. Its a celebration of electronic music and what a better way to celebrate that than a chunky world class compilation.


Various Artists - Box Of Trax Vol. 3

Worthy and Lisbon Sisters, Astronomar and Return of The Jaded lead the pack with their heavy hitting club weapons. Then we have label potato heads ‘The Potato Heads’ keeping it warm over two of our favourite artists Mancodex & FOOLiE.